The Ultimate Course Prep Toolkit for College Online Educators


Tired of feeling overwhelmed every semester?

Are you already anticipating how overwhelming the next semester will be trying to juggle your teaching assignments, committee workloads, family responsibilities, and let's not forget your looming tenure deadline and the publish or perish ultimatum that it carries.

Believe me, I understand. As college educator on the tenure-track, I have the same worries and struggles. I used to fall behind on my grading, become overwhelmed during the semester and feel disappointed that I wasn't able to give my students the attention and feedback they deserved.

THEN, I began using a new system to help bring more balance into my life. With this new system, I was able to do ALL of my course prep BEFORE the semester began. This was not ALWAYS possible, of course, but whenever possible, I prepped my course during the "breaks" and made a plan so that I would not fall into that cycle of falling behind.

I can't express how much FREEDOM this has given me over the past few years I have been using it. I have time to give more effective feedback to my students, develop more fun and engaging activities for my courses, not to mention the time this has allowed me to spend engaging in research and contributing to departmental committees and other University service commitments. I have to admit that implementing this new system has also given me the space and opportunity to be more creative and use my imagination in a way that was not possible when I was stressed, anxious and working feverishly to meet deadlines.

The Course Prep Toolkit

This Course Prep Toolkit was created specifically for online College Educators and is the ONLY program of its kind that provides you with a step-by-step guide to preparing for your upcoming semester.

The Course Prep Toolkit is a 5 day implementation program that is designed to help you have the most productive semester ever!

Here is what's included:

Day 1

Preparation and Planning For Your Course Prep

On Day 1 you will ensure your success by making a plan for the next few days. You will also gather all the documents, information and resources you will need to have on hand for your course prep.

Day 1 Highlights:

The following resources are provided to enhance your success on Day 1:

  • Day 1 Video Overview: Preparation and Planning For Your Course Prep
  • Course Prep Toolkit Calendar Guide
    • Course Prep Calendar
    • Course Prep Daily Check-in
    • Course Prep Goals At A Glance
Day 2

Syllabus Prep

On Day 2 we jump right into the nitty gritty of Syllabus Prep!

Day 2 Highlights:

The following resources are provided to enhance your success on Day 2:

  • Day 2 Overview Video: Syllabus Prep
  • Course Prep Syllabus Checklist
Day 3

Welcoming Students

Now that we've got the basics covered, on Day 3 we will begin developing an on-boarding plan for our students.

Day 3 Highlights:

The following resources are provided to enhance your success on Day 3:

  • Day 3 Overview Video: Welcoming Students
  • Orientation Module Checklist
 Day 4

Preparing your Learning Modules

On Day 4 we will be doing the heavy lifting of laying out your course in your Learning Management System (LMS) using the strategies you will learn about in the Overview Video.

Day 4 Highlights:

The following resources are provided to enhance your success on Day 4:

  • Day 4 Overview Video: Preparing your Learning Modules
  • Sample Module Layout
  • Agenda and Overview Template
  • Learning Activities Template
 Day 5

Finalizing Course Assignments

On the final day, we will focus on enhancing your course activities using a formula that has helped me create engaging and innovative online activities.

Day 5 Highlights

The following resources are provided to enhance your success on Day 5:

  • Day 5 Overview Video: Finalizing Course Assignments
  • Engaging Assignment Checklist

The Course Prep Toolkit is PERFECT for you if...

  1. You're tired of feeling overwhelmed with your online course
  2. You want to have more work-life balance
  3. You're ready to have more freedom in your work week
  4. You're looking to find more time to connect with students, accomplish research goals and enjoy family and firends
  5. You want a structured plan to help you plan out and organize your courses



Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The Course Prep Toolkit

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