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The only membership you need to help you successfully engage your students online without the tech frustrations or feelings of overwhelm.


Are you looking for ways to engage and invigorate your online students?

Teaching online isn't easy. I LOVE to teach online and even I can admit that it is not always the easiest thing to do! Not only is it difficult to navigate ever-changing technologies, but the workload of grading, communicating with students and creating content, can be overwhelming to say the least. In addition to these factors, learning about the best practices and strategies related to online learning can seem like a daunting, never ending task.

One of the things I discovered after many years of teaching online is that small adjustments overtime are the things that really move the needle forward in terms of outcomes and results. This means that I don't have to do a complete overhaul of my online class, I just have to commit to small changes over time. Then, I considered what it would be like if there was a community of online educators making the same commitments and working together toward developing effective online courses!

Introducing The Innovative Online Educator Academy! The Innovative Online Educator Academy is a robust community of like-minded online educators with a passion for teaching online and a desire to develop their online teaching skills to their highest potential.  

This is an endeavor that I have dreamed about for quite some time and I am so excited that it has finally come to fruition.

The Innovative Online Educator Academy

The Innovative Online Educator Academy is the ideal place for online educators who are interested in creating fun, engaging and innovative online courses

Here is what's included:

Instant Access to a Full Training Library!

The Innovative Online Nurse Educator Academy includes a huge library of content for you to dive straight into as soon as you join, from Masterclasses on topics ranging from gamification to course design, to template tutorials and expert quest online educators that deep dive on a range of specific online teaching tactics.

Learn what you need, when you need to, from wherever you want.


Signature Online Teaching Course!

You will also have access to a comprehensive signature course that will provide you with step-by step guidance when creating and crafting your online course. This course includes detailed modules on course design, course organization, instructional design, communicating with online students, preparation and time management when teaching online courses, and how to infuse Ed Tech Tools effectively into your online courses. 


Additional Features

Best Practice Masterclasses!

Have you ever felt inundated with information about the best ways to teach online but just can't find the time to actually consume that information? The Best Practice Masterclasses are the solution to your problem! Instead of being bombarded with tons of content, you can pick one best practice to focus on, and work on implementing, perfecting, or learning more about that topic. This way, you begin to fill your online teaching toolbox with one tool at a time, understanding how to use that tool and when it is needed. 


Guest Innovative Online Educators!

The Innovative Online Nurse Educator Academy also includes features from guest educators who share creative, innovative and engaging strategies they are successfully using in their online course. These are online educators like you and I who are experimenting and trying new strategies and sharing about their experiences. The best way to grow is by seeing what others are doing successfully and learning how you might be able to adapt new strategies in your own courses. These sessions are geared toward this practice.


Innovative Template Tutorials!

Templates are a huge time-saver. Using a template means you don't have to start from scratch, you can just plug in your own content and you're ready  to go! In the Academy, you will also receive a tutorial on how to edit a template for use in your online course. These tutorials will walk you through how to use and edit that template for your own needs. Templates may range from assignments, slide presentations, planners, outlines for your learning management systems and much more! Click HERE to see an example of an editable template I have been using in my Health Policy course called The Congressional Squares. 


Sample Innovative Online Assignments!

Coming up with engaging assignments in an online course can be a challenge. That's why you the Innovative Online Nurse Educator Academy includes sample innovative assignments, complete with instructions and related resources. These assignments can be tweaked for your own course or used to help spark your own ideas. Click HERE for an example of what a sample assignment might look like.


Productivity Co-working Sessions!

All Innovative Online Nurse Educators also have access to twice weekly co-working sessions! These sessions are dedicated to research and writing, course prep, grading, or other productivity tasks of your choosing. These 2 hour sessions are proven productivity strategies that will help you achieve your goals in record time!


Courses and Mini-Courses!

All Innovative Online Nurse Educators also have access to a variety of course and mini-courses related to teaching online. These courses are a more in-depth, comprehensive dive into various topics than the Masterclasses. These resources often include multiple modules, documents and supplementary learning documents. These courses are also made available to non-members at a significant cost including best sellers such as, The Creative and Engaging Assignment Packet and The Course Prep Toolkit! Enjoy this benefit for free as a part of your membership!


Bi-Annual Features

In addition to the awesome monthly resources you will receive in The Innovative Online Educator Membership, you will also receive the following Quarterly and Bi-Annual benefits.

Quarterly Assignment Hackathon

Have you ever had an assignment that you wanted to revise but couldn't quite figure it out? With these quarterly assignment hackathons, we will focus on reviewing and revising one member's course assignment so that it is BOTH innovative and engaging! Bring all of your creativity and enthusiasm to these sessions!

Bi-Annual Course Prep Challenge

One thing that helps me to be successful during the semester, is taking the time to prepare and plan BEFORE the semester begins. However, this is not always easy to do, and time flies by before I've even had a chance to collect my thoughts! These Course Prep Challenges are designed to get our courses prepped BEFORE the semester begins.

Bi-Annual End of Semester Review

I know that the LAST thing we want to do at the end of the semester is look at our courses! However, something magical happens when we actually take the time to reflect on and review our courses at the end of the semester. These end of semester reviews are developed to help us engage in this important practice.

The Innovative Online Educator Membership Community

The Innovative Online Educator Membership also comes with access to a wonderful community area that is a shared space where online educators can share ideas, provide feedback and help support each other through the journey of teaching online. In this space you should feel free to be creative and explore new and exciting strategies you have always wondered about and ask questions about ideas you would like to learn more about.

Membership Bonuses

With your purchase of either the monthly or annual membership, you will also receive these great Bonuses.

Bonus 1

In this booklet, I'll be sharing with you the Spark Your Creativity Activity, which is all about getting you excited about teaching and reconnecting you with some of the reasons you entered this profession. I'll also be sharing the top 10 resources I use to spark my creativity.

Bonus 2

The PEAR Approach is a framework for developing stronger, more reflective Discussion Board questions that help students to connect with course content that I learned about from Dr. Wren Mills. In this interview Dr. Mills discusses the PEAR approach and how she uses it to develop her course assignments.

Bonus 3

Developing a sense of community and enhancing your presence in your online course is of utmost importance. In this guide, I'll share some tips to help you develop a sense of community and building stronger instructor presence in your online course.

Be the innovative online nurse educator you want to be!

Pricing Options

You can choose from a monthly or annual plan.




The Innovative Online Educator Academy Monthly Subscription including monthly, quarterly and bi-annual resources. The monthly option provides you with access to all the same wonderful resources as the annual membership, but allows you to pay on a  monthly basis.

The Innovative Online Educator Academy Community

Bonus #1- Top 10 Resources To Spark Your Creativity

Bonus #2- A Deep Dive Into the PEAR Approach with Dr. Wren Mills

Bonus #3- Developing a Sense of Community and Instructor Presence in Your Online Course





The Innovative Online Educator Academy Annual Subscription including monthly, quarterly and bi-annual resources. You will access to the membership content as long as you are a member! You can access them online through your membership portal at any time! Each year, you will get access to the new year's content on a monthly basis. This is definitely the best bang for your buck!

The Innovative Online Educator Academy Community

Bonus #1- Top 10 Resources To Spark Your Creativity

Bonus #2- A Deep Dive Into the PEAR Approach with Dr. Wren Mills

Bonus #3- Developing a Sense of Community and Instructor Presence in Your Online Course



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