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Assignment Spotlight: Send a Valentine's Day Card

Feb 07, 2023

Today's Assignment Spotlight is more of an idea for an extra credit or extra curricular activity rather than a full assignment, but I think it's an excellent idea to do for a holiday or special day like Valentine's Day. Learn more in today's blog post.

Next week we will celebrate Valentine's Day in the United Stated and this is a great opportunity to encourage your students to express their love, appreciation, and friendship towards one another. Instead of assigning a traditional homework assignment or paper, why not ask your students to write Valentine's Day cards for someone they love appreciate, or even to a person in need?

This not only encourages them to be kind and generous to others but also allows them an outlet to express their gratitude and love. You could even assign a specific number of cards they need to make, such as one family member, one friend, and one stranger.

You can provide them with a Valentine's Day Card template like this one, or encourage them to create their own in Canva starting with a template like this one.

It's also a great idea to share encouraging stories of acts of love/kindness that others have done such as this one my student shared that really drove home the concept of Humanism for him.

If student's can't think of a stranger they might send a card to, you can encourage them to make a card for a patient in a hospital setting such as this virtual card they can send to a patient in St. Jude's Research Hospital.

Not only will this activity provide your students with an enjoyable task that they can connect to on a personal level, but it will also help them reflect on what it truly means to love and show kindness. It's a powerful exercise that can be used any time of the year!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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