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Assignment Spotlight: The Research is Right

Mar 07, 2023

In today's blog post, I will be highlighting a game-based assignment I've done in my research course that is tons of fun and was adapted from a fun K-12 educator. Learn more about this teaching strategy and innovative assignment in today's blog post.

The Research is Right is a fun game-based assignment that can be used in any online course as an ungraded self-paced quiz (Nurse-Clarke, 2022). The idea behind this activity is simple. You ask multiple choice questions using a template that uses a theme based on the game-show, The Price is Right. The student gets immediate feedback and can go on to take the quiz as many times as they like to attain mastery.

I called this game the Research is Right because the questions were based on research concepts, but this can be used in any course and can be adapted by changing the name.

This activity can be used as an introduction to a unit or to assess mastery of a concept at the end of a Unit. You can learn more about this activity by reading the Syllabus Selection in the Journal of Nursing Education HERE.

Grab a copy of the Research is Right template HERE. If you would like to learn more about how to edit this template, I provided a step-by-step video tutorial explaining how to edit this template in the Innovative Online Nurse Educator membership. You can find it in the 2021 membership bundle HERE. The Research is Right template tutorial can be found in the June 2021 feature.

Would you like me to spotlight one of your assignments? Share your assignment HERE for an opportunity to be spotlighted in The Online Educator Blog.


Nurse-Clarke, N. (2022). The Research is Right: Gamifying Nursing Research. Journal of Nursing Education, 61(10),


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