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Assignment Spotlight: Virtual BINGO

Apr 02, 2024

I have used BINGO in the past to conduct fun ice-breaker activities in my online courses. They are a great way to break the ice and build community engagement in an online course. However, another fun BINGO activity could also be an assignment where you give students tasks to complete throughout the semester and they check items off as they go along. Learn more about today's Virtual BINGO assignment and learn how you can create your own!

For several years I have used the teaching strategy of giving students options for assignments. I have used it for several years to allow students to choose the type of assignment they would like to submit, and it has been very successful. This is also a great way to increase equity in the classroom, as students with different learning styles can choose an activity that works best for them. 

I believe that this strategy can be used in Virtual BINGO to give students an engaging way to connect with course material and check off tasks as they complete them. By creating your own virtual BINGO cards, you can customize the content to match the curriculum while also providing students with an interactive way to learn and keep track of their tasks. 

Assignment BINGO instructions:

1. Decide on options for course assignments

To start your Virtual BINGO assignment, you'll need to decide on the options for course assignments that you want to include on your BINGO cards. These tasks can vary based on the subject matter, the goals of your course, and the level of difficulty you want to incorporate. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Read a specified article or chapter and write a summary.
  • Participate in a class discussion or online forum.
  • Complete a research project on a given topic.
  • Create a presentation or slideshow on a specific concept.
  • Solve a problem set or complete a set of practice questions.
  • Watch a relevant video or documentary and provide a reflection.
  • Conduct an experiment or simulation and write a report on the findings.
  • Collaborate with classmates on a group project or assignment.
  • Attend a guest lecture or seminar and submit a reflection.
  • Engage in a peer review process for a fellow student's work.

Feel free to customize these options based on your course content and objectives. You can also adjust the difficulty level or add additional tasks as needed to challenge your students appropriately.

2. Create your Virtual BINGO cards

Once you've decided on the assignment options, it's time to create your Virtual BINGO cards. You can use online tools like to generate custom BINGO cards quickly and easily. Simply input the assignment options into the card generator, and it will create randomized BINGO cards for you and your students.

3. Distribute the cards to your students

Once you've created your Virtual BINGO cards, distribute them to your students. You can do this electronically through your course management system or by emailing the cards directly to your students. Make sure to provide clear instructions on how to use the cards and how students can check off tasks as they complete them.

4. Encourage engagement and participation

Throughout the semester, encourage your students to engage with the Virtual BINGO assignment and complete tasks on their cards. You can offer incentives for completing BINGO lines or for achieving a blackout (completing all tasks on the card). Consider awarding extra credit points, prizes, or recognition to students who actively participate and complete tasks on their cards.

5. Monitor progress and provide support

As students work through their Virtual BINGO cards, monitor their progress and provide support as needed. Offer guidance, feedback, and assistance to help students complete tasks and stay on track. Encourage collaboration and peer support to create a sense of community and teamwork within your course.

6. Celebrate success

Finally, celebrate the success of your students as they complete tasks and achieve BINGO lines or blackouts. Recognize their hard work and accomplishments, and celebrate their engagement and participation in the course. This will motivate students to continue working towards their goals and foster a positive and supportive learning environment.

In conclusion, Virtual BINGO assignments are a fun and engaging way to connect with course material, build community engagement, and promote active learning in an online course. By customizing BINGO cards with assignment options and encouraging students to complete tasks throughout the semester, you can enhance student motivation, participation, and success. 

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