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Ed Tech Tuesday:

Jan 17, 2023

Today's Ed Tech Tool is called allows you to create digital worksheets that can be shared with students or colleagues, with interactive elements and multimedia elements that can help make your lessons more engaging. Learn more about it in today's blog post. is an interactive way to create digital worksheets and assessments for students. You can customize the content to match your specific lesson plan, including text, images, videos, audio files, and more. also has powerful analytics tools that will help you track student performance and understand their learning better. I learned about this tool from an awesome online educator named Kim Pinter who shared how she uses this tool in her online course in The Online Nurse Educator Facebook group recently.

While worksheets are often used in K-12 education, I have found that they are not as widely used in higher education. Some reasons for this might be because some professors might think worksheets are too ‘elementary’ for college level courses. However, I have found that worksheets can be a great way to introduce fundamentals and review concepts. In addition to this, in online courses where students can oftern misunderstand assignments, worksheets can provide a structured way to explain tasks and rubrics.

Many times in my online courses, I scaffold assignments by breaking them into more manageable chunks that can be discussed and assessed one at a time with the help of worksheets. helps me do this in an interactive way so students have fun while they learn. This is also an excellent tool to use to reinforce Module concepts and develop formative assessments.

Having the ability to create digital worksheets with allows professors to make their content more engaging, interactive, and accessible for their students. Additionally, it makes it easier to track student performance, which can help professors gain insight into what content is being understood and what content needs to be further discussed. You can even insert YouTube videos and link to other tools such as FlipGrid! is an effective tool to use in online teaching, that can make your classes more engaging and interactive while also helping you better understand the learning process of your students.

I'd love to hear your ideas on how you might be able to use this tool in your own online course. Share them in The Online Educator Facebook Group! 

I am a nurse and a college educator. I help other motivated educators leverage the tools needed to teach online successfully so that they can create lively, engaging, quality courses from the comfort of their homes!
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