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Ice-Breaker Tuesday: Fun Facts Showdown: Battle of the Curious Minds!

Nov 14, 2023

Take your online course to the next level and make learning fun with the Fun Facts Showdown! This creative ice-breaker activity encourages meaningful connections between course members, promotes discovery of interesting information, and celebrates the collective intelligence of the course community. Learn more in today's blog post. 

This interactive ice-breaker activity aims to engage participants in an asynchronous online course by challenging their knowledge and curiosity through a friendly competition of sharing interesting and lesser-known facts. Through this activity, participants will learn fascinating information, connect with their peers, and foster a sense of community within the course.

1. Announce the activity: Send a course-wide announcement or post in your intro Module explaining the ice-breaker activity. Provide clear instructions and a suggested timeline for participation.

2. Set the rules: Share the following guidelines with participants:
- Each participant will share an interesting and lesser-known fact with the rest of the course community.
- The fact can be related to the course topic, general knowledge, or a unique niche subject.
- Encourage participants to be creative, ensuring that the facts are engaging and thought-provoking.
- Remind participants to avoid controversial or sensitive topics and focus on lighthearted and intriguing facts.

3. Designate a platform: Choose a platform where participants can share their facts asynchronously. This can be a dedicated discussion thread, a shared document, or an online survey tool.

4. Share the facts: Participants will have a designated time (e.g., one week) to post their interesting facts within the designated platform. Remind them to ensure their facts are accurate and provide sources if necessary.

5. Engage and learn: Participants can explore and engage with each other's facts. They can leave comments, ask questions, or express their fascination with the shared information. Encourage them to dive deeper into the facts, conduct further research, or share related anecdotes or experiences.

6. Your involvement: As the facilitator, actively participate in the discussion thread by sharing your own interesting fact, engaging with participants' posts, and encouraging discussions. Offer positive feedback, ask follow-up questions, and prompt participants to explore connections between the facts and the course content.

7. Voting for the most intriguing fact: After the submission period ends, invite participants to vote for the most interesting fact shared in the discussion thread. You can create a separate poll or allow participants to vote by replying to a specific post.

8. Celebrate and discuss: Announce the winner(s) of the most intriguing fact, celebrating their contribution. In a follow-up discussion or reflection forum, invite participants to share their thoughts on the activity, discuss their favorite facts, or any insights gained from exploring the diverse range of knowledge shared within the course community.

Through the Fun Facts Showdown, participants will engage in a captivating exchange of interesting and lesser-known information, fueling their curiosity and encouraging connections within the online course. This ice-breaker activity fosters a love for learning, sparks conversations, and celebrates the collective intelligence of the course community. So, let the battle of curious minds begin, and may the most intriguing fact win!

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Happy Ice-Breaking!

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