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Ice-Breaker Tuesday: Wavelength

Apr 09, 2024

Welcome to Ice-Breaker Tuesday! Today, we're diving into an exciting online activity that promises to break the ice and spark engaging conversations: Wavelength on VoiceThread. If you're searching for a fun and interactive way to kick off your online class or group discussion, look no further than this innovative ice-breaker activity.

Last month I had an awesome virtual game night with my fellow NASAGAns (NASAGA is the North American Simulation and Gaming Association. If you're not aware of us get involved!). We played a game called Wavelength and we had a hilarious time!  Wavelength is a game of communication and interpretation where players take turns giving clues about a target word or phrase, while the other players try to guess how close they are to the correct answer on a spectrum scale.

Now, I'm bringing that same energy and excitement to you through VoiceThread! With VoiceThread's collaborative platform, you can easily recreate this game virtually for your students (with a twist). Not only is Wavelength a fun way to get everyone engaged and interacting, but it also encourages creativity and critical thinking skills. 

How does it work?

  1. Set up your VoiceThread: First, create a slide deck with a series of phrases or questions and an image of a spectrum between two contrasting concepts or ideas. For example, one slide might include the question, "How do you prefer to spend your weekends?". One side of the spectrum might say "Adventurous and outdoorsy" and the other might say "Relaxed and cozy at home".
  2. Invite participants: Share the VoiceThread presentation with your students and encourage them to join the discussion.
  3. Run the activity using VoiceThread features: Participants will take turns annotating where they fall on each spectrum using the VoiceThread doodle tool and giving some context to their answer by recording their responses using VoiceThread's audio or video commenting feature. They can explain their reasonings and share personal anecdotes or experiences related to their choice.
  4. Engage in discussion: After each participant has shared their response, encourage students to respond to their colleagues and engage in open discussion and dialogue about the different perspectives presented. Participants can respond to each other's comments, ask questions, and explore the reasons behind their choices.

Why Wavelength on VoiceThread?

  • Interactive and engaging: Wavelength on VoiceThread transforms a classic party game into an interactive online experience that encourages active participation and engagement from all students.
  • Encourages creativity and critical thinking: By asking students to describe their responses to different spectra, the activity promotes creative thinking and encourages students to consider multiple perspectives.
  • Fosters connection and community: The collaborative nature of the activity fosters connection and builds a sense of community among students as they share personal insights and engage in meaningful dialogue.
  • Accessible and adaptable: VoiceThread's user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and share interactive presentations, making this ice-breaker activity accessible to students of all skill levels.

In conclusion, Wavelength on VoiceThread is a dynamic and creative ice-breaker activity that promises to energize your online classes or group discussions. By inviting students to describe their responses to different spectra and use VoiceThread's annotation and recording tools, the activity encourages active engagement, fosters connection, and sparks meaningful dialogue. 

I'd love to hear your ideas on this ice-breaker. Share them in The Online Educator Facebook Group!

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Happy Ice-Breaking!

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