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🧐 Radical Online Resource- Ditch That Textbook

Apr 25, 2023

Ditch That Textbook is a fun resource that provides teachers with innovative educational tools and ideas. Although this resource is geared toward K-12 educators, in today's blog post, I'll share how college educators can take advantage of Ditch That Textbook to enhance their students' learning experiences.

I recently googled the term "fun in learning" and I got lots of resources and images for school aged kids, but none for college aged students. For some reason, higher education is often thought of as something that must be endured, rather than enjoyed. As such, I have often turned to K-12resources to find creative and engaging ways of connecting with college students in the classroom.

Ditch That Textbook is one such resource. By utilizing the creative and innovative tools and ideas provided by Ditch That Textbook, college educators can craft a learning experience that is both meaningful and enjoyable for their students. Here are some of the awesome resources you can find on this website:

  • Templates- these include Google Slides, Drawings, PowerPoint and Jamboard templates including social media templates, game templates, interactive activities, graphic organizers and much more
  • Videos- the website includes "Netflix-style" videos that include things like Google How-To videos, digital tools tips and tricks, teaching ideas to try and much more.
  • e-books and Guides- the e-books and guides are a deep dive into topics to improve your teaching skills and include over 100 ideas for teaching and 50 editable templates.
  • Blog- weekly blog posts that also include resources like worksheet templates and tips related to educational technology
  • Digital Summit- The Digital Summit is an annual online conference that provides educators with the latest developments in educational technology, pedagogy and more.

As you can see, Ditch That Textbook provides an abundance of resources to help college educators create a more engaging, meaningful and enjoyable learning experience for their students.

What do you think of this resource? Do you have any other great resources on plagiarism or proper citation? Let me know in the The Online Nurse Educator Facebook group!

I am a nurse and a college educator. I help other motivated educators leverage the tools needed to teach online successfully so that they can create lively, engaging, quality courses from the comfort of their homes!
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