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Mar 28, 2023

I'm excited to share this exciting resource today called eLearning Industry (eLI). Although this resource is more geared toward organizations and companies, it can also be a great source of knowledge and helpful learning resources for online college educators.

eLI is a leading platform for eLearning, offering a wide range of content, tools and resources designed to help organizations and companies create successful online learning experiences. There are amazing articles covering a wide range of topics such as instructional design, learning psychology, micro-learning, video-based learning, emerging technologies, game-based learning and much more. In addition to articles, they also offer free resources such as webinars, eBooks, guides, templates and more to help organizations and educators create successful online learning experiences.

Here are a few articles you may find enlightening.

eLI is an invaluable source for online college educators looking to create engaging, effective and interactive learning experiences for their students. 

What do you think of this resource? Do you have any other great resources on plagiarism or proper citation? Let me know in the The Online Nurse Educator Facebook group!

I am a nurse and a college educator. I help other motivated educators leverage the tools needed to teach online successfully so that they can create lively, engaging, quality courses from the comfort of their homes!
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