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🧐 Radical Online Resource: NASAGA

Jan 24, 2023

For your Radical Online Resource this week, I'll be sharing about the North American Simulation and Gaming Association. This is a wonderful group dedicated to exploring and advancing the use of simulation and gaming for learning, research, business, entertainment, public policy and more. NASAGA brings together people from all walks of life who share an interest in simulation and gaming.

 I recently learned about NASAGA through another wonderful resource called Professors at Play. I attended one of their conferences in Montreal in October 2022 and had a wonderful time! Each night there was a fun game night and the conference sessions were filled with engaging activities that let participants learn in a hands-on way. Since attending the conference, I have connected with other NASAGA members and have even made plans to collaborate on some more gaming activities including educational board games activities (which count as simulation!).

The NASAGA network is full of interesting people and I feel like it's a great place to connect with others who share an interest or passion for simulation and gaming. There are also many resources available from the organization including a subscription to the journal, Simulation & Gaming, which is a leading international forum for the study and discussion of simulation/gaming methodologies used in education, training, healthcare, consultation, and research. In addition, there is a NASAGA training activity book, a timely blog, and a members only section which includes recordings to their virtual conferences.

With a membership that is extremely affordable, there are so many great reasons to join NASAGA. Whether you are a seasoned simulation and gaming professional, an academic researching the field, or just getting started in your journey, NASAGA is a great resource for anyone interested in the use of simulation and gaming for learning!

What do you think of this resource? Do you have any other great resources on plagiarism or proper citation? Let me know in the The Online Nurse Educator Facebook group!

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